Re: janome 500e error message

Janet Cicerano

Hello, I wanted to follow up on my previous question regarding the error message. I found the bobbin had a bunch of loose thread on it. The machine is working again but I have a lot of bobbin thread showing on the right side of the design. Is there an adjustment for this?
I have my new user class this week that came with my machine, cant wait!  I expect this will answer a bunch more questions I have.

On Sun, Jan 12, 2020, 8:43 PM Janet Cicerano <janet.cicerano@... wrote:
Hello, my brand new Janome 500e has an error message.  this is my first time using this new machine.  The yellow bar, error message in the window is:  Raise Presser Foot and Needle Bar, then turn power on again.   
I raised the presser foot and turned the hand wheel to raise the needle all the way up.  Turned off the machine and turned it back on.  I makes a noise like it's trying to do something, but then I get the same error message again.  
I had just finished embroidering my very first design when this happened.   
The machine did break the thread 2 times during this design which was 1 color very simple flower.
I Googled this error message and can only find that it may be a Motherboard computer problem and will need servicing.
Thanks for your help,

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