janome 500e error message

Janet Cicerano

Hello, my brand new Janome 500e has an error message.  this is my first time using this new machine.  The yellow bar, error message in the window is:  Raise Presser Foot and Needle Bar, then turn power on again.   
I raised the presser foot and turned the hand wheel to raise the needle all the way up.  Turned off the machine and turned it back on.  I makes a noise like it's trying to do something, but then I get the same error message again.  
I had just finished embroidering my very first design when this happened.   
The machine did break the thread 2 times during this design which was 1 color very simple flower.
I Googled this error message and can only find that it may be a Motherboard computer problem and will need servicing.
Thanks for your help,

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