Re: Installing Horizon Link on new computer

Jim Stutsman

We've been out of the business now for 8 years (Wow - seems more like 8 months!), and I have slept since we closed. I seem to recall the MBX 4.5 was not a free upgrade to MBX 4.0. Digitizer updates are always cumulative, so you can always install the most recent one for your version without doing the intervening updates. However you may find that trying to install MBX 4.5H gives an error. All is not lost, though, because MBX 4.0V supports the 14000. That would imply that it also supports the 15000, but if it does not you can just use the 14000, as the hoops are the same. Regardless of which version you wind up with, if it complains about not seeing the dongle on Windows 10 you may need the OS Compatibility Update. It's probably already in MBX 4.5H, but maybe not in 4.0V.

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