Re: MBX Question

J Fraker

That makes sense. It's a . jef file. There's no outline, so I guess I just heve to do it the hard way.

On Sun, Jan 12, 2020, 9:17 AM Lyn Quine <lynquine@...> wrote:
I’ve read this before and it would seem it’s because it’s a purchased design which is already a stitch format, if it was the native file it would work.  You are trying to mix formats, digitising format is .emb in MBX, but the design in the window is I.e. a .jef or .pes or whatever stitch format.  If you look in he resequence window, if you can see an outline of the design, you could just copy and paste that outline, then do your outlines and offsets, adjusting the size of them etc., then just erase the copied outline if you want to.

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