Re: Threadbook

Sharon Simmons

Thank you, Jim!  I love this app!  Sounds like you had a busy holiday feeding everyone!  Sharon


Sharon thanks so much for using our app! When you submit threads for addition to the library they get uploaded for us to review. That way we can eliminate duplication, since more than one person could submit the same thread. It also lets us know that a brand is missing so we can track it down and add it. Once we have evaluated your submission we will put it in the library. It will automatically appear in the library on your device, and from there you can add it to My Threads. Some variegated threads are not in the Library because the first two releases of the app did not support them. It does now, and I am working on an update that will speed the update process. I’m a little behind due to the holidays, which saw us hosting a dog and a lizard who needed feeding 3 times a day. I’m catching up now, and will add the Valdani threads as soon as I can find a good chart of them. We deeply appreciate the threads you have submitted!

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