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Cheryl Paul

When I had my 12000, which I bought in Saskatoon in 2011 when it was launched by Janome. The embroidery unit never did just click on easily, but as none of my friends had purchased the machine yet at that time, I had no one to compare with “how” this should attach and it was the first Janome that had the embroidery attachment was not a already on the machine. Anyway long story short, in January 2013 a friend and I went to Arizona for a month and we took our 12000’s with us, as we knew that Mulqueen’s had LOTS of sewing events where we could go and learn all about our machines and embroidery. Our first order of business on arriving and unloading the van, was to set up our little sewing room. My attachment would not attach to my machine. Well I did give it a smack with the flat of my hand to help it alone - just one smack though. It would not attache, but Elaine’s did, so we immediately know something was not right. On January 2nd, we were at Mulqueen’s when they opened machine in tow and the attachment too. It turned out to be on the machine side that the holes where the pins go was crushed. I don’t believe that I did that, but there is a possibility that I might have. It turned out that my sewing machine, had to be taken apart and the term use “the head cracked open” to replace the belt that contained the wires and it was about 1 1/2” wide, had to be replaced. The part was about $100 USD, but the labour was quite steep, however, the folks at Mulqueen’s were very good to me and only charged me a few extra dollars to repair it. If I’d been home, warranty might have covered the repair, but since I was in another country I had to pay, if I wanted to use the machine for embroidery. I did agonize over this, but my wonderful husband, brought light into my day and said that I should just look at it as an experience of my trip and fix it there, so that I could enjoy my holiday to the fullest. I did that and have never regretted it. I met some very interesting and very nice folks as result and can never give enough thanks to Ken, the technician, for fixing the machine and to the Mulqueen family for looking after me so well.

What I’m trying to say here is that the repair may be more serious than what has been described. You could help your Mom, if you live close enough to go into the shop with her and find out what the actual repair is and what is involved in fixing it. If the machine can still be used as a sewing machine, she might want to look at the 550E and just buy that instead of spending so much on a repair.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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