Re: Thick Seams

Kathy Strabel

Terry--I feel your pain. While I do not have the same machine that you do, I find that my Skyline 7 balks at the thicker seams, like your flannel pillowcases, etc. I have found that Janome has represents their machines as being able to handle just about anything, including thick seams, tote bag and purse projects (out of cottons or home dec fabrics), etc. But I find that in reality it is just not so. I held onto my older workhorse from another brand partly for sentimental reasons, but I have had to pull that machine out to do the heavier tasks, even including hems on jeans and the like. Have you tried using the "hump jumper" accessory that probably came with your machine.? Janome calls it something else, and it is designed to help the foot go over the thicker parts,   You can also try just carefully pressing down on the front of the foot  with your index finger as it mounts the hump of the seam. I find that works sometimes. The idea is to keep the foot level as it passes over the hump. If you are using the Accu-Feed walking foot--be sure that the hook that holds the foot in place to the needle bar is FULLY engaged. It often will pop fully--or partially --out, rendering the walking foot useless. I have seen other people report this problem, but have no solution for it, other than a temporary fix of placing a strip of strong tape over the slot that the hook fits into. It is not an ideal fix, but until (or unless) Janome comes up with a retro-fit clamp or clip to ensure the hook stays seated in place, that is the best I can do.  Good luck. Let the Group know if any of these suggestions work for you.  Kathy S   Camas WA

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