Re: Janome 550e

Kathy Strabel

Hello Janome Group--
This may be a silly question as I may simply be missing something, but when I begin to stitch a design with my 500e machine, I want to bring the bobbin thread up to the top so I can hold both the bobbin and top threads out of the way for a clean, knot-free start without the thread tails getting bolluxed up at the beginning. I am not talking a giant bird nest, but there always seems to be a small "jumble" of threads at the beginning of a color change. ANd at the very beginning. I bring the bobbin thread up, wrap loosely around a finger and hold them out of the way, but the hoop always jumps a short distance and the needle does not pierce the fabric in the place where the needle is waiting to begin stitching. Thus, I have created another thread tail, which then gets jumbled up.  The machine stitches very nicely on the top surface, but there are always those darn little tails that look so messy and require tweezers and scissors to neaten-up.  Why does the hoop move at the beginning, when he needle is poised above the exact middle point of the design?   Any comments welcome     Kathy S   Cams WA

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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