Re: News for the 15000?

Cheryl Paul

There really isn’t a comparison between the M7 and the 15000. The M7 is a very powerful sewing machine and does lovely stitching but it cannot embroidery. The 15000 is fantastic because it is a combined embroidery/sewing machine. There would have been a time that I wouldn’t have wanted an “embroidery only” machine, but I’m beginning to see the merits of having the stand alone. Neither of these 2 machines are suitable to “take to class” as they are just to heavy to carry. I can lift them, but I surely don’t like to. There is some new technology on the M7 that allows you to use your phone (not sure if it is android friendly yet as I only have an iPhone) to get instructions on “how to” do things by using an “APP” called AcuSpark which reads a QR code of the screen of the machine. Isn’t that great - now we want to have our phones or iPads with us at the sewing machine. I’m thinking “what next?” However, all this stuff is fun to play with and is useful - we don’t have to worry about “misplacing the machine manual” and there still is a physical one with the machine.

I have both machines and an S9 too. I’m not sure that my husband thinks I’m a sane person, but I love my machines and the technology too.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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