Re: Continental M7

Cheryl Paul

Hi Manuela,

I have the Continental M7 Professional machine. I discovered recently when I tried to put the ED foot onto the HP2 foot holder that it wouldn’t fit, as the little feet had different fittings for the foot holder. I had misplaced my foot holder with the VD foot attached and so was going to improvise by borrowing the little foot from my 15000 to use on my M7. A few sewing words passed my lips, and I searched a little for the whole mechanism for my 15000 and then I was in business again. The narrow Acufeed flex shaft and feet didn’t come with our M7’s but you can purchase it separately and it will work just fine on the M7. Almost every conceivable foot came with the machine but I’m not sure why Janome didn’t include this one as well. Look closely at the picture Jim put in his post and you will see the difference.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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