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Cheryl Paul

Bhoryn, Can you sign so we know your name, unless it is Bhoryn.

Pixey mentions the horizontal spool holder in a post. There is an attachment for a 2 or 5 spool holder that attaches to the back of the machine - well worth the investment. To bad you live away from Saskatoon or its district, as I have a 2 spool holder that I’d gladly give to you for cheap, as I sold the machine I had used it on thinking that I might use it again one day - WELL that day hasn’t come and now it seems to show up everywhere when I’m looking for something else. They are a bit pricey, but they do attach and come off and you could use it on another machine IF and when you get a different machine.

Now about that bobbin case - NO they are not easy to put in, but it does get easier with practice. If you don’t get it in correctly, the machine will jam immediately, not sew at all or you won’t be able to attach the needle plate. I’ve learned that over 35 years of having a Janome machine. My first one rarely needed to have anything done with the bobbin holder except when the lint needed cleaning out. Now that was the MC6000 - no embroidery and I didn’t quilt, BUT I sewed cotton fleece (sweat suit fabric) and many t-shirts, jeans and other clothes for my 4 children, so there was lint build up. You will get the hang of inserting that bobbin case as you get more familiar with your machine.

Got to get going to church.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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