Re: Another question

Kathy Strabel

Pixey---Depending on the size of spool you use, the horizontal spool pin can work well if you use the very small spool pin "disk". It does not look like the other, flat spool pin disks. It is about 1/2" or less in length, tubular with a flange on one end, and it fits down inside the spool's hole and holds the spool still while sewing. In my experience, the thread then unreels smoothly from the horizontal spool.  Tip---if you ever forget your special spool holder that you had to buy extra, just set a small juice glass to the back and right of the machine, and clip a small bulldog-type clip onto the machine's swing-up cover. Use the type of clip with the folding "handles", and thread your thread through one or both of those handles. Place your thread spool upright in he juice glass. Works every time.  I thread my 500e exactly the same way you describe.   Happy Stitching!    Kathy S.

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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