Re: Dual feed ED foot keeps disengaging

Kathy Strabel

Chris House---I have the same problem with the ED foot constantly disengaging, usually when there is a thicker ridge of fabric like a crossing seam. Personally, I think this is, ridiculous for a machine in the price range that the S7 is in.   The marketing materials say how versatile and efficient the machine is, but this problem with the walking foot always disengaging is a giant disappointment. I am not talking about crossing over multiple layers of denim or heavy wool. This happens even with quilting cottons. Thus, I would never ask my S7 to do anything like a tote bag, or home dec projects. Fortunately, I still have my very trusty, but not very glamorous, machine of another brand from the 80s to handle anything more sturdy than dress weight fabrics.  By the way, the thing disengages also just when I sew at a fast pace, with no changes in thickness from crossing seams, etc.    I think Janome ought to come up with some sort of metal clip to place over the slot where the hook goes in, so the hook won't jump out of place. I did find a stop-gap fix of sorts. I used a narrow strip of Gorilla Tape across the slot, and that works for a while.   Not an ideal fix, but, since I already own this machine.......     I hope you find a better solutiion; I will be checking the Group for further info on this subject.
Kathy Strabel   Canas WA

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