Re: 15000 V3 Embroidery Unit Problem

Jim Stutsman

The dreaded “bird nest” occurs when the machine is no longer able to pull up stitches against the fabric. One common cause is the thread coming out of, or never being in, the take-up lever. This lever is responsible for pulling up stitches, so naturally if the thread is not in it you won’t have proper stitching.

Another cause is overly-dense embroidery or using needles larger than the length of the embroidery stitches. This usually does not cause damage, because the machine will start making a chunking sound and the operator has a chance to stop it before things get damaged.

As mentioned in a post a few days ago, if the bobbin thread is tied onto the bobbin, or cannot feed for some other reason, that also will cause the nesting.

Whatever causes the thread nest, It’s not unusual for the bobbin case to get involved, either penetrated by the needle or gouged by the hook. A new bobbin case is bought and life goes on. However when the bobbin case is damaged it frequently happens that the hook race (the metal basket the bobbin cases sits in) gets damaged. Sometimes it will be a small pit in the track where the needle hit, other times it may knock a piece out of the raceway. The hook race is aluminum, so it’s soft and easily damaged by the needle. If this damage is not fixed, it will cause the stitches to sometimes not release, which will then cause more bird nests. Those in turn cause more hook damage. Any time it’s necessary to buy a new bobbin case the hook race should be carefully inspected for damage. If you don’t fix that you’ll just perpetuate the cycle of damage.

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