Re: acuSetter and S9 won’t talk to each other

Jim Stutsman

You can verify that it's not a WiFi issue by connecting through AcuEdit. If that also doesn't work, it's likely a connectivity problem. Assuming that you've done that, or that AcuEdit works, there is only one other area that could be the problem. Both AcuEdit and AcuSetter, on first launch, take you through a tutorial on how to use the app. At the end of the AcuEdit "tour" you choose whether to connect to the 15000 or the S9. AcuSetter doesn't do this. Instead it chooses the machine at the same time that you select a hoop. By default the hoop selection is SQ14 unless you change it. The S9 has the same hoop size, but it's SQ14a. So if you are using the SQ14a hoop on the S9, but don't change to SQ14a in AcuSetter, then the app is trying to connect to a 15000, not an S9. Hoop selection is not mentioned in the tour pages. I suspect they were trying to keep the screen free of as many buttons as possible, but making machine selection dependent on the hoop choice is not great design.

In app development simplicity is very hard!

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