Re: Embroidery simulator

Cheryl Paul

Carole, the embroidery simulator comes with a few computer programs for digitizing and sewing. The one for the MC15000 is called Horizon Link Suite (HLS) and there is an “embroidery simulator”, but I just loaded my HLS and you might have to do a look around to get to it. It is there, but it isn’t as obvious as I would have expected. These simulators are also in Digitizer MBX, Floriani Total Control U (and probably in other Floriani programs as well), and I think most digitizing programs. I haven’t done much playing with the iPad APPS, but I know it is there too. I do use the simulator with my iPad sometimes if I have to leave the sewing room while embroidering something that will take time before a thread change - ie: to get a cup of coffee from the next room. The range isn’t a great distance and I lose my simulation at about 20-30 feet from the machine.

On the sewing machine the only way you can do a simulation is to be at the machine using your stylus to go stitch by stitch through the design. On Janome machines (I can’t speak for other brands) you can jump from colour to colour to get where you might want to check something specific and then do the stitch by stitch once you get where you want to be. On the 15000 there is a little icon to select that comes up and looks like a calculator, where you can go to an exact stitch or guess a number where you’d like to go and it will jump to that place and you can move forward or back from that spot.

I’m no expert by any means, but I was very fortunate to have had a dealer when I started out with my Janome MC10000. She offered a “Janome Club” where we met. She hired a customer to lead the class so that all had the opportunity to learn. I was her “email person” and contacted all the customers that gave her their email address - this was from about 2005-2011, when she gave up Janome and the sewing part of her business. Unfortunately out of over 100 folks, we only ever managed to get an average of 8 or 9 to show up every 6 weeks and they were mostly the same people. I did speak to many on the phone as they would ask me for help occasionally. Many of us still meet and share even though the “club” has long been disbanded.

Hopefully, you’ll get to learning your machine. Don’t be discouraged - someone here will help where we can - Jim and Diane are so helpful. Their APPS are the best.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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