Re: Bobbin Case Jumping

Lyn Quine

I have the Quiltmaker 15000 upgraded from the 2.11 version, 12000, 350e and a 6600P, I use Schmetz Microtex needles with all of them, have no issues.  I was using a Janome blue tip needle on my 15000 for embroidery, had problems with tension, changed to a schmetz Microtex no problems.  I currently have a schmetz topstitch on it at the moment and no problems with threading or tension.  I’ve not used the Janome needles very often, usually use the Microtex for sewing and embroidery or the topstitch.  I’ve had my machine for around 5 years, and touch wood not had many problems with anything, unless of course I’ve done something silly, which does happen.

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