Re: Bobbin Case Jumping


Thank you for the photos.  I have checked my bobbin case for rough areas and can't find anything unusual.  The stopper looks normal as well.  I've not had any trouble with nesting or needles  breaking but I do remember one odd thing last month while doing regular sewing.  
In the middle of a project, the bobbin thread wasn't picking up and I had to keep cleaning the bobbin case out/ reseating everything.  After 3 times of doing this I replaced the Schemetz needle I was using with an Organ needle and everything worked smoothly from then on.
Sounds like this might have been the beginning of the problem.  
I have stopped all sewing and will take it in for service.  

Sad part is my dealer/service tech is retiring and closing the store at the end of December.  He is super swamped with repairs and service right now.  This means no Christmas sewing for me.... 

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