Re: threadBook

Mary Mills

Thanks Jim, I will see if what charts I have comes out alright otherwise I’ll contact Sava, the owner of the shop to see if he can help.  Re the S9, the owner of the shop said she attended a training session in Sydney where they showed her how to use the AcuSetter app on an S9, it was probably a 15000 she was shown on, she is still learning the machine embroidery field and she asked me if I wanted to learn, of course I said yes!  If she actually succeeds in showing me and connecting my machine I’ll let you know, it won’t be till the first Monday in December when I drive the two hours trip to Young from Wagga Wagga where I live.  Wish I could fly a plane....  I will get back to you, thanks again, love the app and also the FootBook app which I will show to them in Young.  Regards, Mary 

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