Re: threadBook

Jim Stutsman

Thanks for using our app Mary! We continue to add threads almost daily, as we can find them. Those sold only outside the US are a special challenge. In particular, I have been unable to find a color chart or even a photo of your GEM range. There are photos online of the color cards, but they are small and not likely to be accurate. There is a provision within the app to add missing threads. If you happen to have the two color cards and can take a high resolution photo of each, you can send it to onlinesewing @ Photos taken in natural light tend to render the best color fidelity. 

I don’t think I can offer much help with the AcuSetter app. The current version, as installed on my iPad, does not seem to have an option for the S9. This model was added to AcuEdit, and perhaps will feature the S9 in a future update. I would recommend contacting Janome with a request that it be added.

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