15000 skipped stitches on right side only


Background:  In February, the feed dogs went out of whack.  I took my machine in where the tech had no experience on this problem.  Machine was in warranty with this shop (5 year parts and labor), so I needed for them to fix it.  It took almost a month since the tech said he needed the Janome techs to walk him through it.  A few months later I started having skipped stitches, my machine was no longer under warranty, so I took it to another local shop for annual cleaning and the skipped stitches.  After the machine was cleaned, the tech said there was no problem with the skipped stitches so he didn't need to do additional work.  

Working on putting the binding on a bib (4 layers of fabric plus batting) the skipped stitches came back and bad!   I have cleaned the machine, changed the needle 3 times (red, purple and Superior topstitch), also changed the thread, bobbin, and bobbin holder.  While testing, I came to realize that the skipped stitches are only on the right side.  If I do a serpentine like stitch, all is well on the left and skipped stitches on the right.

I know I will need to take it in for repair, but I'm hoping Jim or another techie on this group and help me understand more before I take it in.  I don't want to be over-sold unnecessary repairs if possible. Thank you in advance!!!

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