Re: retrieving files through vmware

Jim Stutsman

Wow. "Twilight retirement years". Really. Excuse me while I check the door to see if the Grim Reaper is standing on my doorstep! I'm so glad my kids don't read this list, or they would be scouting around for a care home for me.

While VMware Fusion is marvelous for supporting Windows on Macs of all kinds, it can present a challenge to sort out where things are. There are a couple of ways to deal with this, both utilizing the Fusion concept of Shared folders. While running Windows on your Mac, click on the Virtual Machine menu and pick Sharing -> Sharing Settings. The top half of this menu allows you to map folders on your Mac so they are directly available in Windows. Tick the Enable Shared Folders box\ and then the plus button below to choose folders to add. You can name each folder however you like. In Windows they are accessed using drive Z, for example Z:\Embroidery Designs. A second option is to check one or more folders in the Mirrored Folders section of the settings. When you do this, the checked folder is always the one on the Mac, even if you open it in Windows. This option works best if you choose it right from the start, immediately after setting up your virtual machine. Once you have started putting things in the Windows Library -> Documents, for example, enabling the mirror option for Documents will cause only the Mac documents to be visible in Library -> Documents.

Generally I like to keep everything in the Mac universe, using the Sharing options to access it from Windows. Of course I spend 98% of my dwindling time on this earth on the Mac, so that works best for me. Answering this has exhausted me, so I'm going to grab my shawl and drag myself to the rocking chair to rest.

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