retrieving files through vmware

Lorrie Gauthier

Hi Jim, I'm running MBX 5.5 through VMWare Fusion on my macbook Air. I can with some effort find my design files which i am storing in dropbox. Dropbox was installed on my Mac through the Apple side. I have a link on my windows desktop that lets me get to my shared drive on my Mac folder tree. 

I've been trying to use Horizon Link to update my screensaver on my 15K but am unable to access photos even on my desktop (Mac) which show on my Windows desktop. Are they ghosts?

I am going to the Janome seminar this week and know that I have to be able to get at everything HL in order to participate in that part of the seminar. I can watch and hopefully learn something if need be.  HL is working otherwise on my Windows. I think I even have the newest version working since my 15K was upgraded to the quilt edition.

Any suggestions? I would also like to thank you again for spending your twilight retirement years helping us. My dealer is 6 hours away. He is great but a long distance relationship is not without it's problems. 

BTW, I installed VMWare using your wonderful guide on switching to a mac. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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