Maria Morrow

The tips Jim and Dianne give are TOTALLY AMAZING!!!  The time they dedicates to this group indicates his love for sewing, quilting, and for helping others.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate you both, as I know everyone in this group does!!!

Maria Morrow, Treasurer
Camellia Quilters of Slidell

On Oct 29, 2019, at 3:26 PM, Jim Stutsman via Groups.Io <onlinesewing@...> wrote:

It sounds like you may have debris stuck between the tension discs in your machine. Take a piece of fabric (denim is great), fold it in half, and use the folded edge to "floss" out the tension slot at the top of the machine. That usually will dislodge whatever is caught in there (usually a piece of thread) and save you a trip to the dealer.

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