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Thank you Jim, thank you Diane the ThreadBook is marvelous!

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El miércoles, octubre 9, 2019, 4:03 p. m., Jim Stutsman via Groups.Io <onlinesewing@...> escribió:

The Apple App review process is getting faster. I submitted ThreadBook 1.2 this morning and it's in the store this afternoon. The highlights of this update are:
  • Yet more bug fixes, which hopefully only happened to me
  • More brands - 163 so far
  • Browsing can now show threads arranged by number or color
  • Numbered browse listings are now in proper numeric order
  • Browse listings can now be printed, saved as PDF, emailed, etc.
  • Question & Answer section has more content, including some "How to" videos
  • Updates to the Library will now be nearly instant if you are connected to iCloud, within 24 hours if you're not
We've received several submissions for missing threads that we could not use, because they were variegated threads. As it stands today, the app cannot match to variegated threads. However now that the initial bumps and bugs are dealt with I am beginning another, bigger update that will include the ability to match variegated threads, as well as add them to the Library.

Many, many thanks to all the early adopters and testers who patiently endured bugs and shortcomings, while providing us with precious feedback!

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