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I also use a clothsetter which helps with hooping and centering.

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Date: 10/14/19 11:43 PM (GMT-05:00)
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It's not that I'm intimidated by the iPad, I just don't want to have to buy yet another gadget.  I actually don't have any problem with embroidery placement if I'm just stitching out a design.  I guess I should explain my problem a bit further.  I mostly like to quilt.  I have a nice longarm machine (not computerized), but I really hate standing there using it.  The method I use is to put the quilt on the longarm, stitch in the ditch around all the blocks which is way better than basting, then take it off and go to the embroidery machine.  I then hoop each block and quilt a design with my 12000.  The problem I have is that because of all the layers, it can be difficult to get it hooped perfectly straight.  I use the ASQ22 hoop which works really well, but I have to check each corner and sometimes manipulate the quilt a little and then check each corner again.  I can eventually get the design to stitch just where I want it, but it takes a lot of extra time.  If the whole quilting design were just projected onto the fabric, it would be really easy to rotate or reposition it a bit and avoid all that checking and re-checking the corners.  Hope all this makes sense.  I've looked at other brands, but I don't know of any that project the entire design onto the fabric.  I'm not sure I'd want another anyway.  I've been using Janome machines since way back when they were called New Home.  I did buy another brand one time, but didn't like it at all and went back to Janome. 

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I don't know if this will be allowed through to the group, but to answer J Fraker, yes there is technology to do what you want with positioning designs on fabric in the hoop, but in a different brand(s) of machines.
Wifi is very easy to use. It just takes an Ipad and a good wifi connection.
Also, even the Horizon Link Embroidery Link tool can use a Wifi connection to send and receive designs from the machine.
Don't be intimidated by it! The learning curve isn't difficult, it's fun and easy to do!

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