Re: Question about 14000

J Fraker

Thanks to everyone for all the info. I guess I'll keep my 12000 for now. I do love it. I really don't want to spend my limited sewing time learning how to use the WiFi. I wish someone would invent a machine that would just project the entire embroidery design onto the fabric. That would be the simplest way to get perfect placement. With all the technology we have nowadays, that shouldn't be so hard.

On Mon, Oct 14, 2019, 10:34 AM gbmko via Groups.Io <> wrote: has a machine comparison, so you can  run through the list and see what is important to you. I had the 12000 and now have the 15000.  My circle attachment and bias binders do not fit on the 15000 because of the different throat plate.  But they are interchangeable, so I purchased an extra throat plate, which is not expensive, so I can use those EXPENSIVE attachments on my 15000. Also, if you do  a lot of embroidery, the acuSetter app is wonderful, but I have not figured out a way I can use it without having  wifi enabled machine.  I'm hoping someone knows how so my sister in law can use it with her 12000.  If you have to have wifi on the machine to use the app, consider if that is important to you for that quick, perfect embroidery placement without messing with perfectly hooping your fabric.  

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