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I cannot imagine a method that would allow the iPad AcuSetter app 'TO' be used with a non-WiFi machine, since the iPad app communicates directly with, and receives the embroidery design directly FROM the WiFi enabled machine (the machine has to be in 'embroidery mode' as well), then sends the modified positioning directly back TO the embroidery machine.  Even with a non-Janome, WiFi enabled machine, both the AcuSetter iPad app AND the embroidery machine would NEED to be able to 'TALK' to each other, and I kind of cannot see something like that happening, since that is most likely a well guarded, 'proprietary' (secret) technology for Janome, especially considering that the iPad app is FREE.

- Cat (FL)

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I really do like the acuSetter app for the 15000.  But I also have a 12000.  Is there ANY way to use this app if you don't have a machine with wifi?

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