Re: Question about 14000

Jim Stutsman

That’s a very good point Lyn. There are actually 2 “clones” of the 15000: the 14000 and the Elna 920. Traditionally Janome does not add features to these models, even when it’s a simple software update. This is more about marketing than technology - if you add all the features to the lesser models it removes the incentive to buy the top model. This is the same sort of branding we see in other products. It doesn’t cost more to make a 15000 than it does to make a 14000, other than the nominal cost of the WiFi hardware.

It is probably physically possible to use the Quiltmaker accessories on the 14000, but the internal machine software will not be configured for it. That means there is some risk if you aren’t very careful with settings. This is similar to what happened with the 10000, when they introduced the Gigahoop for larger embroidery. At the same time they had a model 300E, which was an embroidery-only clone of the 10000. People wanted to use the Gigahoop on the 300E, but were told it would damage the machine, void the warranty, and more. It eventually became obvious that it would work, but you had to take some extra steps that the 300E did not provide.

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