Re: RE18 hoop


Thanks for your response

Donna Strode

On Monday, October 7, 2019, 9:33:00 AM EDT, Cynthia Dickerson <cindydickerson@...> wrote:

This is how I knew my design file was corrupt.  I had downloaded my design on the USB then tried to open it in the Janome 15,000.  When it did not show up on my Janome,  I took my USB and put it back into my computer because I was going to look at the design again to see if there were stitches possibly outside of the hoop ring.  When I tried to open the design, the computer could not open it.  It just said "Cannot open .jef file".  I assumed that the file did not download correctly and was corrupt.  I then reloaded the design and it was ok.  The file that was corrupt was a design that I had created myself.

The reason I thought my USB was no longer good was that I could not get the design to download in my new RE18 hoop design on my Janome 15,000.  Then I reloaded several designs in different hoops and it RE18 showed up.  I am no expert, but I do believe after you have used them continually by adding and deleting designs they wear out.  So I did go and purchase a new USB.  I came home and formatted it with the Janome and then added my design from the computer and the RE18 hoop and design showed up without a problem.  This is why I though my USB was wearing out.  Maybe others can give you some better tips than I can. 

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