RE18 hoop

JoAnn Novak

I agree 100%.  I hate round hoops.  It does pop off when you least expect it.  Poor designer!!

JoAnn (WI)

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The RE18 hoop is much better that the SQ14 (round one). In my opinion whoever designed the SQ14 should go back to design school, harsh? Maybe, but it uses more stabiliser than the RE18 with a smaller stitch area.  The RE18 has magnets to hold it more securely too.  I have the 12000 and the 15000, I have 2 RE18s because I used to make bags and i always had a quick swap over, or I had 2 machines going.  When I used the SQ14 it wasn’t nearly as secure and my bag front didn’t hoop properly where as the same size fitted and hooped properly in the RE18. 

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