Re: 2-Day Janome Seminars for 15000 Owners


It does look like a very nice informative event.
Janome America has some really great Educators that will travel to the local stores and give great workshops, but the dealers themselves have to arrange for the events. I don't know if Janome Canada is different?
But just saying, did you notice the topics are all things that Jim and Diane have already made videos of for the 15000 app, at least MOST of the topics so far have been dealt with.
And if anyone on this group has an IPad and hasn't purchased the app then they should, It's a handy right at your fingertips help!
Also, many dealerships offer series just like this.
I teach a monthly 15000 Club at our local store and I cover these exact topics in it.
I feel very fortunate to be affiliated with the shop here, and have always thought it's too bad that most dealers don't take the time and effort to make education a top priority for their machine owners.

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