Re: RE18 hoop

Cynthia Dickerson

Thank you everyone for your replys.  Now I bought the RE18 hoop because it takes less stabilizer and this is the size of design that I use most.   I like it because it gives a really tight drum like fit with the stabilizer and sews a nice design.  I like to do lettering and this size hoop works great for most of my designs. 

I also have used Embird with Janome since I had the 9000 and I have never had any trouble with the program sending designs.   I am not sure why it wasn't showing up at first now.  I really think it is my USB stick.  It is getting old and I did reformat it in the 15000 quilt maker machine and I noticed when I was trying to load my designs that the USB did not format correctly.  There were still designs left on the USB and everything should have been erased.  This makes me think that it is time for a new one.  I will post after this weekend when I get a new one and try loading again.  This just might help someone else if this is the problem.

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