Re: RE18 hoop

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Sorry for my silly question ,
I bought the RE18 as one of my friend recommended..but I don’t know why 🙈. I paid a lot for it as it was additional. 
What is the difference between this one and any other hoop for the 15000.

Thank you 

On Oct 3, 2019, at 6:11 PM, Cynthia Dickerson <cindydickerson@...> wrote:

Thank you, everyone, for your help.  I worked all last evening on this and half of the morning today but I finally got it to show up.  First problem was that the design was corrupt.  Have no reason why on that one.  I fixed that and it still would not come up and then I tried downloading different designs on the USB along with different hoops and then they all showed up including the RE 18.  I don't understand why, but maybe I am in need of a new USB!  I am going to get one today.  At least I can make the project that I wanted to make.  I also had trouble getting the new RE18 embroidery hoop to lock onto the embroidery bar on the machine.  I had to play with that for a while also and finally got it locked on.  It just hasn't been my day, and I am not even a newbie!!  I think I need a nap now!!

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