Footplate Jumping Off MC 12000

Lynne Dean


Wondering if anyone has had this happen.  Had my MC12000 from new and it’s about 2.5 years old.  I paid £150 4 weeks ago for a full service and clean.  Came back with a good report, and sewed fine for a couple of weeks.  Last weekend I changed over to embroidery.  New needle, dust out and switched to yellow dot bobbin and straight stitch plate.  Worked fine for two embroidery sessions during last week plus a bit more yesterday morning.  Later on there was a terrible noise as it embroidered, the hoop rose up then the safety cutout stopped everything.

i gently cut away what was being embroidered, saw that the footplate had come off and bobbin case was up too.  I think a piece has come off the bobbin case and it won’t go back into the machine as there is a sharp piece of metal bent into the space you pop the bobbin case into.  The needle has remained intact and not broken.  The hoop was still attached properly to the embroidery arm.

the machine has an extended 5 year warranty but after talking to Janome this morning it sounds like the damaged parts aren’t covered.  They are willing to look at it but suggest as it is less then 4 weeks since it was serviced I let the Janome dealer look at it first to inspect it before I return the machine to them if the dealer thinks it’s a warranty job.

Neither Janome or the dealer have heard of this happening before on the MC12000 and I wondered if anyone else had it happen.  Dealer who serviced it wants to see it as soon as possible, so we make the two hour journey each way on Friday.  I felt terrible after it happened, I’ve always had Janome machines, 4 embroidery and 5 sewing over 35+ years.  Never had one break down or need a repair.  Fingers crossed for Friday!

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