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The 15" Artistic Edge has larger mats than the 12" Edge, of course, but also can send designs by WiFi...cut files to the cutter...embroidery to the embroidery machine...which the 12" cannot do.  I have the Janome 15000, which also has WiFi, so it is very convenient for me to have the 15" WiFi machine.  I got it at a price that made the decision much simpler.  I had passed up an opportunity to get a Brother Scan'N'Cut for the same price I paid for the Artistic Edge 15...hard to say which decision was the 'wiser' but WiFi has advantages for me.  I am unaware if there are differences between the 12" and the 15" other than the differences that interested me...LOL

- Cat

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Been trying to decide whether to buy and your nice response sold me! Thank you for providing the detail and info I needed to make my decision!
But now, 12" or 15"???

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