Re: Digitiser V3

Kaye Lessard

A lot of ladies never upgraded their software and with the newer windows program it will not work- I would try telling them that they really needed to upgrade -not to make a sale for the store- but to keep their program working and working better!!!
Now that Janome probably will not be upgrading mbx 5.5 I pray it will work on any future windows to come!!!
Some ladies with older programs have kept their program on older computers just for their program!!!
They underuse the program and have missed out on so many newer and better features!!! I’m glad i have upgraded!!
Now I do have a few ladies
Because of their internet issues , their age and health issues I’ve told them to stay at mbx v4.5!! But I totally love 5.5!!
Good luck getting it working!
If you can’t order an upgrade start checking at stores to see if they still have one I. The store!! I know of one that may have some old program updates!!
Kaye in la

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