Re: Use and care of Janome 15000 Quiltmaker in HI

Cat - N

I moved to Florida from NH, where I lived by the river 35 miles from the coast as the crow flies.  I live a little further from both Florida coasts now, being near the middle of the state at it's narrowest section.

I did not have to protect a 15000 when our A/C went out in Florida in July and August...when the heat and humidity are about the highest...and stayed out until the new, ordered unit, finally arrived and was installed, but humidity built up inside the house quickly with doors and windows open and fans blowing.  My 100-stitch computerized Kenmore, made by Janome, did quite well, but stayed inside a 'molded plastic' case.

Our basement in NH was unheated but since underground, except for the walk-out back door, didn't reach anywhere near outdoor winter temperatures, so I had no worries about my at-the-time sewing machine being in my unheated but insulated and carpeted basement sewing room with insulated drop-ceiling tiles overhead.  We moved here in 1987, so had 4' of snow on the ground for at least 4 months, then it rained a bunch, melted all that snow, saturated the ground and everything flooded.  We lived on the aquifer, being by the river, so water came up through the basement concrete floor, too, and the sewing room vanilla white carpet grew a crop of mushrooms, but that was a one-time deal and that sewing machine did fine, too.

So, when you say 'unheated storage in NH' do you mean:

a small, uninsulated metal shed in the back yard that will have snow piled against the outside walls for months,


a concrete block storage unit in a larger unit in the interior of the building,


perhaps just left inside the home you occupy in warmer months without power turned on? 

I think I would be more worried about caustic salt and high shipping, of course...although I understand wanting to have the machine with you in HI.

- Cat (FL)

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Thank you for ideas Pat.  I am leaning toward leaving the machine here as you suggested and will look into heated storage options.  Maybe I'll have to learn the art of Hawaiian appliqué by hand! 

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