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Not sure where you live  however the actual upgrade to the HP plate and foot and threader should have been free. It was the kit with the ruler work that should have been at a cost. Janome sent out an email about the upgrade and stated that the dealer were provided the threaders enough to cover for each 15000 that had been sold. Some dealers did charge for a service if the machine had not been serviced and that was understandable. We should all get our machines serviced at least once a year any how and some every 6 months if used more. If you had to pay for the actual upgrade is really sad.


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Hi Vikki,

Yes you can upgrade the 15000 to use the HP plate and foot.  The upgrade includes a new threader and several additional feet and a swap for 1 foot because of the changes they make for the new threader.  This upgrade has been around for at least 18 months.  I paid for the upgrade to the HP plate and foot and love it!!!!


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