Re: Video from Janome Institute

Patricia Ward

Carolyn, it is my understanding that there is a code that you must scan into the ipad App to get the App to bring up the information. Someone asked if it could be used on the 15000 and I do believe one of the educators said it was only for the new M7.  You need a code to activate it and one of them said there was no code for the 15000.  

Didn't sound to me as though there was any upgrade for the 15000 except for some new rulers and something with ruler sewing.. maybe an educator can clarify that for us. 

Personally, I am very very happy with what all we have on the 15000.   


On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 8:25 AM Carolyn Gazerro <cmgazerro@...> wrote:
Jim, Mentions App Acuspark can be used on other machines.  Does that mean an upgrade for 15000?

Carolyn 🌹

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