Re: transfer files from stitch composer to USB stick


 thank you for replying - i will get busy and try again.  

On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 2:11 AM favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:
The program installs the stitch file into the ORD folder.
After creating the stitch, select Write a Design, the path to the usb opens.
Select the usb by clicking on it. When you do this you’ll notice the ORD folder opens and the sub folder of Ordf is available. You can put the stitch file in the ORD or in the Ordf folder, the machine can use either one.
Then when at the machine in the Created Stitches category select the icon to import a file and the ORD folder opens. Find the stitch in whichever folder you saved it in.

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