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Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

At six years I would guess you can expect something close to half the price of a new 11000. Of course every dealer is different, your mileage may vary, yada yada. One thing working against you is that the 11000 price has been steadily falling, and as more trade-ins come into the market, prices will drop even more. You might survey the market (Craig's List, eBay) to see what they are going for now to get an idea if you are being offered a good price.

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My 12000 is here and I get to pick it up tomorrow...yay! I'm trading in an MC11000 which has been upgraded to an SE; it's six years old and in excellent condition. Would anyone know how much I might expect for a trade-in? (I should point out that my dealer is offering me a good price on the new machine - comparatively speaking!) Feel free to email me privately.


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