Re: WAS Janome News Email?, NOW Shipping machines for repair

Elizabeth Mccall

Hi Vickki , Thank you for your timely reply .   I called my LQS ,the owner is out of the shop until Tuesday. & I was just curious about the turn around. My 1500 is not under warranty, so II will be so thankful when it is repaired....I I just hope it can be matter the repair cost ! I'll keep; you advised how it comes out...
THANK you again Eliz. Ann in Western NC

On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 3:17 PM Vikki Youngmeyer <vikkiy@...> wrote:

I checked my accounting program but in itemizing didn’t specify shipping/handling as such – just the name of the quilt shop.


The machine started “chattering” after I used the cutter to cut the thread and it wouldn’t stop. This was on a Sunday. Shop is open on Sunday so I took it in that afternoon. Owner ordered the part on Monday and got it about Thursday. She came in on Saturday and attempted to replace the part. Part sent did not fix the problem, so the owner called Janome in New Jersey the following Monday and they said to ship the machine to them. So I brought the box in later that same day. It was shipped out via UPS – I paid $8 for guaranteed pickup that day from the store. The differential payment between me shipping it out UPS Ground with pickup from the store was about $20 more (not including the $8) than the shipping charge back to the store from Janome. I’d have to check the UPS log at work to find the actual dollar amounts.


Janome billed the store for the return shipping and I reimbursed the store. I don’t know if the part originally sent was defective or that there was something else wrong with it. The only charge from Janome was the shipping as whatever they did to fix it was covered under warranty as the machine was only two years old.  


The owner did not reassemble the machine, but sent it with “its guts hanging out” along with the part that Janome had sent. When the machine was sent back to the shop, there was no explanation as to what was amiss. If memory serves me correctly I got it back the following Tuesday afternoon.


Companies can negotiate shipping rates with the various shipping organizations depending upon volume. Janome ships a lot more than our local LQS does. So it’s worth checking with them to see what they would charge and pay them.




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