Re: WAS Janome News Email?, NOW Shipping machines for repair

Elizabeth Mccall

Hi Vicki,  Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what Janome paid to send it back to you in Houston? How many days did they keep it before sending ? 
Did you pay them or how was this handled. Did you send along a letter explaining the problem (s) ? 
  I was ready to embroider & guess what ? ..Not the P foot but  A foot...Wham ! So stupid ! Lesson to all , check & re-check for that  P foot !
Anyway I hope the quick turn around, & this major problem can be solved...
Many Thanks, Eliz. A McCall in NC 

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 10:27 PM Vikki Youngmeyer <vikkiy@...> wrote:

I sent my 15000 up to Janome in New Jersey. It was sent thru my LQS where I had bought the machine. I would suggest contacting Janome to get a shipping order as the amount I paid to send it up there was twice the amount they paid to ship it back to me. It took about 3 days to get up there and same time to get back. Shipped using UPS Ground both ways.

Service was good. Machine fixed, problem hasn’t arisen since then. I sent it from the LQS and it was returned to the LQS, so can’t comment on anything regarding shipping elsewhere.



Houston, TX


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Hi there, this is a question off the above subject... for any one who has  send their 15000 to the repair facility in New Jersey 

. I just wonder if you had good servicing  & can pass along  any information . That would be great. I am working with my Janome dealer on this matter and hoping for a quick turn around. 

What have been your experiences ? I hope good! 

Thanks . Eliz. A McCall


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