Re: MBX 5.5 INstall by Janome, How do you install Corel

Heather Penwell

I opened 5.5, went to the draw function, and saw the same Corel login request. I have other Corel products installed on my computer, so I tried my usual password and message said it was incorrect. I did not use the link at that spot to request a password reset. Instead, here are the steps I took and it worked. 
1. Go to:
2. Under personal information, choose “Edit Password”
3. At this point a dialogue box opens up where you can sign in as an existing customer or create an account.
4. Use your email address in the “Existing Customers Sign-In” section, then choose “forgot password”. 
5. Another dialogue box opens up “Reset Your Password” with a note to enter the email address associated with your account. Enter it and “submit”.  
6. An email will be sent to you with a link to choose a new password. You must choose a new password within 24 hours.
7. Validate the next email. 
8. Go to 5.5 , launch the draw icon, enter your Corel password and it will take a few moments to set itself up, but it will work. 
9. Note: if you do not have a Corel account, then create one at the dialogue box I mentioned in step 3. 

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