MBX 5.5 INstall by Janome, How do you install Corel

Charles Maier

As you might remember I had trouble installing MBX 5.5 and had Janome tech services install it for me.
I was told  would have to install CorelDraw by myself.
I have been trying to install it and it wants a password.
It says I  have an account, when I send forgot password they never send one.
I called their technical services and was told I would hear from them in 24 hours, that was 2 days ago.
Today I called Customer Service and was told I do not have an account. 
When I told them that I receive a message from them saying I do, Jan told me to call tech services again.
Has anyone who had Janome install their MBX 5.5 gotten the Corel to install?
I know this is probably trivial but I figured if you buy it you might as well be able to use it.
I am also going to sent Janome a note since they said to call Corel.
Thank you for any information and support 

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