Re: MC 12000 Pressure Sensor

DeeDee Bedard

I have had customers with this complaint.  I sewed while pushing down on the back right corner of the plate.  Usually this stops the message.  If it does I just go in and raise the sensor.  I think constant pushing plates on and off cause it to push down so it doesn't read correctly.  Hope this helps.  Your dealer will have to adjust the sensor however your pushing down while sewing will tell you if this is your problem.

On August 6, 2019 at 4:25 PM Debbie <bradshaw5454@...> wrote:

I feel your pain I have been going through this for five years now and yet to have a fix on this I have had it in the shop so many times and each time the sensor is checked the plate is checked it’s been cleaned there’s no Lint anyway the straight foot has been put in there nothing seems to be fixing this problem I think it is a Janome sensor problem and they’re not doing much to satisfy the fixes on this so I too have paid a lot of money for this machine and agree with you that you just can’t get rid of the machine and get a new one because it cost too much I think Janome should stand behind this problem and fix our machines for us. Has anyone called Janome directly?

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