Re: What kind of thread are you all using in 15000?

Jim Stutsman

The thread did not suddenly become too thin or thick while your machine was being serviced. Something changed in the machine. Open the door and look for a kidney-shaped hole. As the thread goes through the thread path it goes up against a small spring in that hole that keeps it taut while sewing. There is a piece of felt lining the hole. If it gets dislodged it can prevent the spring from doing its job and you get false broken thread messages. I'm including a picture, although it's from the inside of the machine, so you'll have to do a little guesswork. The red arrow is pointing in the general direction of the kidney-shaped hole, but it's on the side you can't see in the picture. The green arrow is pointing to a check spring at the bottom of the thread path, where it makes a U-turn. That spring also keeps the thread taut. If it's caught or not doing it's job properly you'll get the error message.

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