Re: What kind of thread are you all using in 15000?

Estelle Torpy

Hi Group,

I have the Janome 15000 updated. I had it serviced this month. When I went to piece some quilt blocks, I find that my beloved baby no longer will accept sewing with a variety of threads. I was spoiled by being able to use any thread to sew or embroidery with. Now I get the thread broken error message even though the thread is not broken.

So far I get the broken thread message with Aurifil, Mettler and Guttermen quilting thread. I embroidered a large quilt label (20 names listed) with Hemingworth embroidery thread in April and when I went to add a name, up came the broken thread message again. I ended up using ARC embroidery thread but the stitching doesn’t look as good as the stitching I did before it was cleaned.

I can sew a straight stitch with Mettler construction thread (I just finished a summer linen-blend dress without a problem).

I called my shop and they said they contacted Janome who said that I got the broken thread message because I was using thread that was too thin or too thick. Aughhhhhh!

So my Janome friends, what threads are you using to piece and embroider with?


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