Re: Stuck In Quilt Mode

Maria Morrow

Hello Jane,
It is probably one of Janome’s many blessings.  Do you have the straight stitch needle plate on?  Or the HP plate?  
The plate you have on determines which stitches become available as a preventive to breaking a needle. The machine won’t let you do a zig zag because the needle will strike the plate...and break!
This is usually the answer to your dilemma.  
How many times was I just as aggravated as you?  More than I care to admit. 🤣
I always hope the “wizards” at the other end of a web query always tell the truth; but for now, I ask those mysterious people everything from “How much mustard is a substitute for dry mustard”, to “Why won’t my Janome sew a zig zag?”  


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